Building & Managing Web Sites
Lab 3 - Page Design Lab



The HTML Fanatics Society President did not like the layout of the previous site, so you are tasked to build this new home page design.  Using NotePad or an HTML editor (many are available from software download sites like ZDNet or Tucows), replicate the page below as closely as possible.  The page should be compatible with version 3 browsers or greater (i.e., no style sheets), work at any screen resolution, and should use the page and site design principles discussed in class through February 16th.

Notes and Hints:

  • All of the links within the site should point to an imaginary page in the same directory as the home page called "link.htm".
  • The "Other Resources" links should link to the real pages on the Internet.
  • The color code for the navigation bar is #CCCCCC . The logo graphic is in Lab 1.
  • Use webmaster@htmlfan.soc as the email address.

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