Building & Managing Web Sites
Lab 1 - HTML Review

Knowing the details of HTML is one of the fundamental functions of a webmaster.  This lab will allow you to review and test your HTML abilities by creating several web pages from scratch using only a text editor. Although you would normally not want to waste time creating web pages this way, you need to know these low-level details, especially when you create dynamic web pages with ASP (Active Server Pages) or other technologies. If you find this lab very difficult, you need to learn more about HTML.


In this lab you will recreate the home page and a topic page of a fictitious web site at http://www.htmlfan.soc . Naturally, this site does not exist, yet. You'll have to make it by following the instructions below.

1. Create a directory called "wwwroot" on your computer for creating the lab files.
Microsoft webservers commonly name the root directory of a web server "wwwroot"

2. Create subdirectories called "images", "topic1", and "topic2" in your "wwwroot" directory as shown below.
Most Microsoft web products use and/or create an "images" directory in the root of your website.
Lab Directory Structure

3. Import the graphic below into the your "images" directory. Do this by right-clicking on the graphic, selecting "Save Picture As...", and browsing to your project directory.
Lab Logo

4. Import the MS Word document below into the "topic1" directory by right-clicking on the link and selecting "Save Target As...".
MS Word Document (19 KB)

5. Using ONLY Notepad or other text editor, create a home page called "default.htm" for your web site in the "wwwroot" directory.   Attempt to match the page below as closely as possible using HTML 3.2 standards .

.homepage.gif (13372 bytes)

Create the page below as "default.htm" in the "topic1" directory
Topic1Page.gif (12154 bytes)

Notes and Hints:

  • The Topic2 link should be an absolute link to Microsoft's home page (
  • The page is formatted into three areas using a <TABLE> element with the BORDER attribute set to 0
  • The color code for the title bar is #FFCC99
  • Use webmaster@htmlfan.soc as the email address
  • If you are stuck, ASK FOR HELP!

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