Building & Managing Web Sites
Team Project



Each team of 3-4 students will construct and manage a realistic site on the class webserver that demonstrates use of good page and site design principles for optimal usability. Students will also need to follow a system development lifecycle and submit project documents over the course of the project. Teams can either build a real web site for a real client or develop an imaginary web site for a business, non-profit organizations, or governmental agency. Team members will need to take responsibility for meeting outside of class. Teams are encouraged to use FrontPage and the class webserver for development.


1. Project Proposal (1-2 pages) -- Due February 23rd

  • Project Title - A 3-6 word title for your project
  • Project Overview - A 1-2 page description of the proposed project. The description should clearly indicate the purpose/goals of the site, intended audiences, source of content, and any other information would assist the instructor in reviewing the proposal.
  • Team members and contact information (names, email, class child web ID)

2. Site Project Report (4+ pages) -- Due April 13th

This report should be in HTML format in the team's project child web in a directory called "ProjFiles".

3. Oral Presentation and Submission of Final Products -- Due May 8th

  • 15+ minutes Team Presentation to the class. The presentation should be focused and professional.
  • Completed web site on the class webserver
  • Project Invoice

Required Site Features

The project web site should include the following features: (some may be on the same page)

  • Consistent site navigation scheme
  • Consistent look and feel to the pages
  • All pages can be meaningfully rendered by most web browsers
  • Sufficient content to allow the class to evaluate the usability of the site.
  • Some or all of the site should use a linked style sheet for advanced page formatting.
  • A portion of the site should use a rigid directory or page structure (i.e. sequentially numbered, magazine style, or the MS KB style)
  • Large narrative block formatted for ease of reading
  • A site map or index
  • A page using the FrontPage search component
  • A dynamically generated page listing a staff directory using Frontpage's database connectivity features.
  • One or more pages should include links to downloadable content (e.g., file(s) in MS Word or PDF format)

Grading (90 Points)

  • 35 points - Web site architecture, design and implementation
  • 30 points - Project Proposal and Project Analysis
  • 15 points - Presentation
  • 10 points - Peer Input

Group Information

Group 1 - SKW & Associates
Nkubito Bakuramutsa (
Chue Lee (
Martha Nguyen (
Betty Wong (

Group 2 - Vision Excellence
Christian Romero ( )
Rachel Henne-Wu (
Soukthavy Lathipanya (

Group 3 -
Lin Xu  (
Sherla Chen  (
David Kim  (

Group 4 - Rotary Club of Arden-Arcade
Alice Alferes  (
Karla Holland-Scholer  (
Sonny Ramsay  (
Robert Traverso  (

Group 5 -
Zheng ( John ) Ma  (
Jinho Kim  (
Aaron Wong  (

Group 6 - Secure Tomorrow
James Rossini  (
Brian Johnson  (
Josh Powell  (
Aaron Wong  (

Group 7 - Bill Scholer Band
Kathy Mieko (Redcher-Bowling)  (
Venus Vongchaiprasert (
Chris Reynega  (
Shelley Hedberg  (

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