Building & Managing Web Sites with Microsoft Technologies
Web Browser Troubleshooting

Page does not reflect recent edits or other indications of currency.
"Refresh" the browser for the page. If the browser is connected to a proxy server, you may need to wait some period of time and try another refresh to avoid the cached copy on the proxy server.

Client claims your web page is "unavailable."
Ask the client for the specific URL they requested, the browser they are using, and the speed of their Internet connection. Check the page yourself. If OK but your webserver is on your LAN, make sure to have a friend/colleague outside of your LAN test it also.

Browser appears to successfully load page but no page visible.
View source and see if there is a complete web page loaded. Check to see if a server error occurred in the middle of the page. If source code appears complete (no error messages), check the HTML to make sure the <HEAD> and <TABLE> elements are complete.

Browser displays a "Page not Found", HTTP 404 Error
1) If client typed in the URL, entered URL may have errors or is not valid.
2) If client used a hyperlink on some page, then the webmaster of that page needs to be contacted that the hyperlink is broken.
3) In some cases, the page may be temporarily unavailable on the server.

Browser displays a HTTP 500 Error or some other message indicating a server error.
Web page is unavailable/broken. Webmaster needs to be contacted.

Client requests a page and after a long pause, receives a "timed out" message.
1) The webserver may be down. Check the domain address with PING on your workstation. If no response, the DNS resolution may not be working for your domain. Have a friend outside of your LAN check also. If they also have trouble, check with your DNS provider (typically your ISP/web hosting service).
2) The client's Internet connection may be broken/interrupted. Have the client check a known domain address/IP address with PING. If neither works, client's Internet connection is probably broken.

Page seems to load extremely slowly.
1) Check to see how large the page is (use IE5 Save As... feature).
2) Use TRACERT to see how many hops before delivery.
3) Certain times of day are slower than others.

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