Building & Managing Web Sites
Lab 10 - Using Microsoft Index Server as a Search Engine

In this lab you will create a very simple search page that will search the content of your child web on the class web server.  This page will use the default index that was created on the class webserver, which currently indexes all content on the Deathstar webserver.

1. Create a file called search.htm in your child web.  Add a form to the page as shown in the Index Server examples .

2. Add a text file called sample.idq and add content as shown in the IDQ sample source.  Change the following parameters so they are appropriate to your child web.

CiScope=/[your child web name]/
CiTemplate=/[your child web name]/Lab10/sample.htx

3. Create a file called sample.htx as referenced in your sample.idq file similar to the HTX sample source. Add a footer and header appropriate to your page.

4. Create a page with some unusual words in it in your child web. Within 5 or 10 minutes (or less) you should be able search for these unusual words and test your search page.

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