Building & Managing Web Sites
Lab 9 - Web Statistics Lab

In this lab you will analyze the provided logs (in zip file format) using two web statistics tools, Analog and WebTrends. Your instructions for installing either of these program may differ if you install a current version. After running the programs, you will use the reports to answer the questions at the bottom of this page.

Part I: Analog.

  1. Download the Analog zip file ( and the file from Deathstar (Analog is also available at Copy the files to a new directory on your computer called "Analog". Unzip the both documents into the folder. Make sure your unzipping program extracts the files and folders for the Analog zip file ( "Use Folder Names" option is checked in Winzip).
  2. Using a text editor, make changes to analog.cfg as shown below then save and close the config file. This file directs Analog on what to do.
    LOGFILE sample.log
    OUTFILE LogRpt.htm
    HOSTNAME "CSC120 Test Log"
  3. Double click on Analog.exe to run log analyzer. If a DOS window persists after it says finish, close it.
  4. Look at the output in LogRpt.Htm. You may have to press Refresh (F5) to see the output file. Use the output to answer the questions below.

Part II: Web Trends

  1. Install Webtrends by copying the file wtltrail.exe to c:\temp and then running it. Follow the simple instructions.
  2. Run the WebTrends Log Analyzer from the [Start] Programs Menu.
  3. Select "Try It" and answer the survey to register the trial version.
  4. Click on "New", select "My web site is on one physical machine", enter "CSC120 Test Log" for description, locate the sample.log file under "Log File URL Path", select "Auto-detect log file type", select "Quick Mode" for Domain Name/IP Resolution, enter "default.htm" for Home Page File Names, and enter "" for Web Site URL, select "Include All", and click the "Finish" button. You have now defined a web log analysis profile.  Click on the profile, and accept all of the default entries to run the report.
  5. Review the report and answer the questions below.
  6. Explore the advanced features this product has to offer.

Answer the questions below on a web page in a directory called "Lab09" in your class subweb based upon the Analog/WebTrends reports during the period covered by this log.

1. What day of the week had the most hits?

2. What was the average number of page requests per day?

3. What HTML page received the most number of hits?

4. How many user sessions did this site receive?

5. Not counting the images directory, what was the most heavily accessed directory?

6. What was the top referring page to this site (not counting the site itself)?

7. Which search engine referred the most hits to this site?

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