Building & Managing Web Sites
Lab 7 - Using Cascading Style Sheets

In this lab you are once again creating web content for MegaCorp. To test your abilities for future work on MegaCorp's Internet site, you have been asked to create a two subsites for the MegaCorp Intranet based on a number of MS Word 97 documents. The documents are press releases and shareholder annual meeting information. You are to create a home page, any necessary navigation pages, and the content pages for each subsite. To complete the lab, you must do the following:
  • Create any necessary home and navigation pages for each subsite.
  • Develop an appropriate site structure for each subsite that will be maintainable over the future. Assume that you actually received many more press releases filling in the gaps between the presented. Also assume you received more stockholder pages prior to 1997.
  • Design the site using the site design and page design best practices discussed in class. Don't spend time on complex aesthetics or fixing the text--grades will be based upon using the best practices discussed in class and use of style sheets.
  • Create the two subsites in your Lab06 directory.  You only need to apply style sheets to the content in these two subsites.

All pages should use a linked style sheet that does the following:

  • Default font on web pages is the serif font "Times New Roman".
  • All headings should be the sans-serif font "Verdana", or "Helvetica for Macintosh users.
  • All page titles should be green and sized to 150%.
  • Any text involving a date (e.g., stockholder meeting schedule) should be blue.
  • Press release numbers (e.g., 99-101) should be bold and green.
  • Quotes in the press releases should be italicized.

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