Building & Managing Web Sites
Lab 6 - Intranet Creation Lab

In this lab you will create a small intranet site for an imaginary business. You will be provided with a number of miscellaneous documents, and you will need to analyze the content, develop a site architecture, convert the content to HTML pages using page design best practices, organize the pages using FrontPage Explorer, and publish the web to your child web on the class webserver.

You were recently hired by MegaCorp to create an intranet site for the company. Until recently, MegaCorp employed about 450 workers in two adjacent buildings in Sacramento, but a recent merger has increased the company to over 1,200 employees in 7 offices scattered around the West Coast. The intranet site you have been assigned is an important part of this expansion, enhancing communication among these offices, and providing you with an opportunity for a big promotion if you develop a quality product. The CEO has made it clear that the site does not have to be fancy -- she just wants it to be fast, work on everybody's computers, and have a consistent,  "clean", and professional look. "Here is the stuff I think we want, use your best judgement..." is her final direction. Listed below are the functional requirements:

  • Pages should look the same for all employees. 50% use Internet Explorer 4 or 5, 20% use Netscape Navigator 4, and 30% use Netscape Navigator 3.
  • Pages should load quickly. Several of the offices have slow connections to the main office where the intranet webserver is located, so pages need to be light. Graphics and other non-text elements are NOT important.
  • Links to the important portions of the site should be obvious. Many of the new employees are not familiar/comfortable with web browsers.
  • The Staff Directory should load very fast -- Personnel anticipates it will be used heavily.
  • The web page design guidelines adopted by MegaCorp just happen to be the page design best practices we have discussed in class. Your site does not need to fancy, just correct!


1. Create a directory on your class child web called "Lab06."

2. Download the document below and unzip the files (or get them individually), and import them into a subdirectory called "Originals." These files are the content you will convert into HTML format for the MegaCorp intranet.
MegaCorp Content (Zip format, 97 KB).

3. Examine the content of each file and convert it to HTML format using the principles and best practices discussed in class.  In some cases, you may need to reformat/re-package the content considerably.

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