Building & Managing Web Sites
Lab 4 - FrontPage Introduction Lab

In this lab you will create several pages with information about one of the upcoming ballot initiatives (Proposition 12) using FrontPage. Below is a link to a text file with information about the proposition. You will need to break up this document into several different web pages using the criteria below.
  • The Pro and Con arguments must appear on separate pages for political reasons.
  • Assume the "Text of Proposition 12" section is at least 30-40 times longer than it is (hence the "[etc. ...]" at the end of the text).
  • Include a link in one or more of your pages called "Propositions Home" to an imaginary higher-level page that would have links to this and all of the other propositions.
  • Assume your primary audience is the general voting public.
  • Use the best practices discussed in class through February 23 for your page and site design.

Proposition Text File

To start this assignment, create a directory in your class subweb called "Lab04", import the text file into this directory, and begin breaking apart the document.  Your entry page should be called "default.htm" and other pages should be named using the best practices discussed in class.

You should also edit the home page of your class subweb to list your contact information and a link to the Lab04 home page (and future labs as you complete them). See the Labs home page for more details.

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