Building & Managing Web Sites with Microsoft Technologies
Web Networking/Troubleshooting Lab

Using the information discussed in class and the readings, answer the following questions:

1. What is the IP address of ? (1 point)

2. What is the domain name associated with ? (1 point)

3. One of your web site users calls and says they can not get to your site. Using the tools and techniques discussed in the networking lecture, detail how you would go about diagnosing the problems and placing the blame. You can use the site as an example. (2 points)

4. Your supervisor asks you to research the SMIL protocol (Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language). Where on the web would you go to get the authoratative information? Specify the exact URL containing the resource. (2 points)

5. You are hired by the ficticious company Littlefish, Inc. to improve their website, which currently consists of just one page at  However, your clients users are unclear what organization is hosting the page. Detail how you would go about finding out the hosting organization and other contact information for the site. (2 points)

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